GERRARD GROUP CORP, is a multinational group based in the USA, specializing in three business areas:

Food, Agro business and Finance.
We are a sustainable, productive and totally human company. These values ​​guide our actions as we work to achieve our

strategic objectives.
Our commitment lies in our way of relating to our partners, based on the confidence and knowledge of each stage, governed

by the highest ethical standards while aiming to the excellence.
Our products are designed to satisfy the current market with the highest technology, without neglecting the environment and the human factor.
Gerrard Group Corp, produces food in 3 countries, and we have a financial company, with which we also finance productive projects around the world.
The success of our company is guided by the conception of a set of values ​​rooted in our principles and our culture.

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GERRARD GROUP CORP, es un grupo multinacional con base es eeuu especializados en tres divisiones de negocio: Alimentos, Agronegocios y Finanzas.

Somos una empresa sustentable, productiva y totalmente humana. Esos valores guían nuestro accionar mientras trabajamos por alcanzar nuestros objetivos estratégicos.

Nuestro compromiso yace en nuestra forma de relacionarnos con nuestros socios basados en la confianza y conocimientos de cada etapa rigiéndonos por los más altos

estándares éticos mientras apuntamos a la excelencia.

Nuestros productos están pensados para satisfacer el mercado actual con la mas alta tecnologías sin descuidar el medio ambiente y el factor humano.

Gerrard Group Corp, produce alimentos en 3 países, y poseemos una financiera, con la que tambien financiamos proyectos productivos en todo el mundo.

El  éxito de nuestra compañía  es guiado por la concepción de un conjunto de valores arraigados en nuestros principios y nuestra cultura.



Our Group Companies


Gerrard Investment Management, offers trade finance advisory and project services that approach today's challenges and opportunities from a strategic

perspective, and delivers solutions that are efficient, practical and innovative.

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Stuffed pasta (only domestic market in the USA)

In Messi the gastronomic specialities rise to new life in traditional cuisine.
This is the reason for the success of a company which constantly works for the development of Italy's finest products.  
Product Catalog (PDF)

Dry filled pasta (tortellini e ravioli) 12 months shelf-life, with ham, cheese or many more fillings.

For consultation please write to:



GRAIN Trader Argentina seeks to service quality care and production customers seeking trust and responsibility.
Heavy and fruitful work in the field directly with producers, collectors in silos, mills flour plants, oil plants presses and pellets, logistics trucking

companies, rail and river make us strategic operators to achieve the projected goals. We work accompanying the producer in the process of planting, harvesting, organizing logistics trucks to transport up wagons loads on railroads that carry grain to river ports where we coordinate river logistics to ship transfer at sea

or ports maritime. To achieve the balance we have strategic fellow members that finance the production, facilitating customer acquisition possibilities.

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