GERRARD GROUP CORP, is a multinational group based in the USA, specializing in four business areas:

Finance, Food, Agro Business, logistics, and warehouse distribution.
We are a sustainable, productive and totally human company. These values ​​guide our actions as we work to achieve our
strategic objectives.
Our commitment lies in our way of relating to our partners, based on the confidence and knowledge of each stage, governed

by the highest ethical standards while aiming to the excellence.
Our products are designed to satisfy the current market with the highest technology, without neglecting the environment and the human factor.
Gerrard Group Corp, produces food in 3 countries, and we have a financial company, with which we also finance productive projects around the world.
The success of our company is guided by the conception of a set of values ​​rooted in our principles and our culture.


Our group of companies



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